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Our offer is free of charge and non-binding.
You can purchase packaging material for your move from us: from moving boxes (used or new) to mattress covers.
Yes, we also handle the transport of cars and motorcycles.
The loading list can be printed on our website under the item "Forms". The sender and the recipient address must be specified. Every piece of furniture is listed. For the term content of the cartons, generic terms such as: laundry, dishes, clothing, tools, books ... The boxes and furniture must be numbered.
From Germany: Via Hamburg the containers are shipped to Santa Cruz / Tenerife. On average, the shipment takes 9-10 days to come then the customs clearance which in turn can take 3 to 5 days. Only then are the containers transported to our warehouse in Santa Ursula. From Tenerife: The shipment from Tenerife to Hamburg takes about 14 days. Then the customs clearance and the transport to your place of residence takes place.
When creating the removal offer, the volume in cubic meters, the distance from the place of loading and unloading and the services you require are relevant.
After picking up the goods, the bill will be made and it must be paid before the delivery week.
Adjust the amount of the tip at your own discretion. The boys are happy about every amount.