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Transportation Commercial goods – Common Questions-For an answer please click on the question

The Canaries belong to the territory of the European Union, however, with regard to customs law, the Canary Islands are considered as third country.
• Yes, if you are a registered resident on the Canaries and the commercial invoice is made out to the Canarian address. Please bear in mind, that, after purchase, the merchandise must be declared for exportation at customs before shipment. We shall be happy to take over this procedure on your behalf. After the exportation is completed, the seller shall receive a definite exportation certificate by the customs authorities. This is the only acknowledged proof for the seller as well as his tax office that he has sold the merchandise VAT-free to a third country.
The merchandise must be exported within 3 months after purchase.
Generally, the customer pays the seller the German VAT as a deposit at presentation of the invoice. After presentation of the exportation certificate, the customer shall get a refund of the VAT by the seller.
These documents may be issued by the seller or by our forwarding agency.
• EORI number by the seller
• merchandise tariff number / customs tariff number / customs tariff number of the different invoice line items with individual weights
• consignment identification number and total weight
• commercial invoice made out to the Canarian address
Important!!! The EAD must be issued prior to shipment to our warehouse in Hamburg or prior to pick-up by our forwarding agent
The EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification number) is used for the registration and identification of economic operators in the European Union. If your company does not have an EORI number yet, you should apply for one, in particular. before the first presentation of a customs declaration or an entry or exit summary declaration.


EORI NUMBER application + form:
• customs power of attorney
• copy of passport or identity card copy
• copy of the NIE number
or, in the case of business people, a copy of the EORI number of the consignees
• No.
A complete list would be too extensive. Should you have any questions, please contact us by phone 0361/2627765 (Germany) or 922 302379 (Tenerife) or by email.
• As regards business people, the EORI number, commercial invoice, consignment number and weight must be provided. Generally, merchandise is taxed at a rate of 19 %, however, this depends on the merchandise group. We shall be glad to provide more detailed information on request: please contact us by phone 0361/2627765 (Germany) or 922 302379 (Tenerife) or by email.