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F.A.Q. – Relocation to UK

Which documents do I need to import my removal goods/vehicle tax-free to the UK?
  • Copy of the NIE number
  • Certificado de Empadronamiento (the registration certificate on Tenerife – the registry date must not exceed one year)
  • Copy of identity card or passport
  • Signed cargo list with declared valuation
  • Deregistration in Germany
  • Consular certificate of the deregistration in Germany and registration on Tenerife with corresponding certificate
  • Copy of car documents – important: the vehicle must have been in your possession for more than 6 months

If the documents are not complete and/or not on hand at the arrival of the container in the Canarian port, an importation tax of 6.5 % of the fair value shall be imposed on the relocation goods. With regard to vehicles, the importation tax amounts from 9.5 % to 13.5 % of the fair value. The amount varies according to the engine size of the vehicle.

For a tax-free import to the UK individuals must apply for a transfer of residence (ToR) relief. The British government has published a very straightforward page on their website to guide you through the application process. The following link will lead you directly to the guidance page: transfer of residence (ToR).

In addition, we need the following documents for customs clearance: 

  • Copy of the senders Passport or ID
  • Copy of the NIE number
  • Signed cargo list
  • Confirmation letter of successful ToR relief application
  • Confirmation that no prohibited goods are being transported
  • Data protection declaration
  • Customs power of attorney
What items cannot be imported to the Canaries?

The following items may not be imported to the Canary Islands: Weapons and ammunition (including sports weapons such as crossbows, air guns, sports bows, etc.), highly taxable goods such as cigarettes and alcohol, drugs and substances that violate the Narcotics Act/Controlled Substances Act, live or deceased animals and items subject to the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, dangerous goods (highly flammable, solid or liquid substances), pressurised containers (e.g. camping gas bottles), plants, potting soil, fertilizer, charcoal, untreated wood and food.

What about customs?

We must prepare an electronic export declaration for merchandise, removal goods or vehicles. For preparation purposes, we would need your cargo list or commercial invoice or vehicle documents at least one week prior to the pick-up date, in order to present it at the competent customs authority of your place of residence. Furthermore, we must give the customs office the opportunity to schedule an appointment in order to inspect the merchandise or moving goods, if they wish so. Thereafter (whether the goods were inspected or not) we shall receive an MRN number (customs clearance for export). Then we may pick up the moving goods, stow them in the container and forward the container by sea.

I have detected damage on furniture and removal goods, what now?

Should that be the case, please report the damage immediately.

In order to avoid claim forfeiture, please note the following:

The sender is required to check the goods for apparent damage or loss at handover. These should be recorded in detail on the handover receipt or the damage report. Damage must be reported to the moving company on the day after delivery, at the latest. Damage that may not be seen on the outside or loss of goods must be specified to the moving company within 14 days after delivery.

A general damage claim does not suffice in any case. Claims regarding delays of delivery shall be forfeited, if the recipient does not report the delay to the moving company within 21 days after delivery.

If a report is being made after delivery – it must be made in writing (i.e. letter, fax or email) – in order to avoid claim forfeiture – and it must be made within the established periods. Furthermore, the sender of the claim report must be named and the declaration must include a copy of the signature or must be made recognizable in a different manner.

A timely presentation is sufficient in order to meet the deadlines.

If the last day of the claim period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, as regards the deadline, the next following working day shall be applicable.

How are vehicles stowed in the container?

The container is located on a trailer and the loading height is approx. 1.30 m.

In order to stow vehicles in the container, a suitable ramp must be available. Should there be no ramp, we must request a towing service. The stowage of vehicles can also take place at a garage nearby.

Important for shipment: the tank must be almost empty.

Vehicle re-registration

Regarding vehicle importations, there are statutory re-registration periods. The re-registration procedure must start within 4 weeks after arrival on the Canary Islands.

On request, we can recommend an external service agency for these formalities.