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Privacy Policy

Private Policy Adaption following the European Regulation on Personal Data Protection

Objective:Handling of inquiries related to services and fulfilment of contractual and precontractual obligations.
Legitimation:Consent of interested party.
Beneficiaries:Other Spanish companies that belong to the cooperation partner network of the INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L.  Administrations and authorities to fulfil directly executable obligations of the INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L.
Rights:Data access, rectification, and cancellation as well as further rights, as defined in the additional information
Additional information:Please refer to the additional information specifications for further details on data protection


The INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L. under its obligation to protect the personal data of its clients and as their maximum protection guarantor, has revised all of its processes and in particular, those that imply a utilisation of personal data and has adapted them to the new EU terms, the General Data Protection Regulation, and has provided for the corresponding safety measures as well as applied the results to optimise safety measures and has updated its data protection policy and, thus, this present legal notice.

The user and/or client guarantees that he shall provide correct, exact, and updated data. He is responsible for direct or indirect damages and prejudices that may arise as a result of non-compliance with his obligation. Should the data belong to a third party, the user and/or client guarantees that he has informed the corresponding third party about the provisions of this document and has obtained his consent to pass on his data to the company INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L. for the indicated purposes.

This portal may contain blogs, forums, and other applications or social network servers that cover the purpose to share information and content. Any information that is provided by the user may be shared with other users of this service over which the company INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITIONhas no control whatsoever.

For technical safety reasons and an anonymized and pseudonymised system diagnosis, the INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION may register the IP address (internet access information of the terminal which enables identification and communication among terminal devices, systems, and servers). This information may also be used for analytical purposes of web optimisation.

Under the provisions of the applicable privacy protection regulation, the user and/or client of INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L. is advised as follows:


Responsible for collection are the companies that belong to the company INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L. and, thus, the entity responsible for the data voluntarily provided by the user is

  • NIF: B38798997


The private data that has been voluntarily provided either by completing forms on paper or by email or by email communication or telephone are entered in a collection registry and belong to the INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L. or the companies that belong to the INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L., group and pursue the following objective:

  • Processing and handling of information inquiries and/or consulting services, the conclusion of pre contracts or contracts by the user and/or customer on this site or by telephone or email. 
  • Processing and monitoring of the services provided on the website, by telephone, or by email, which are connected to consultation and service and require redirection to professionals in the legal, health, and insurance fields.
  • Transmission of information about services and products of the company INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L.U, as well as its performance partners that may be of interest to the user.
  • Proposal of legal consulting for disadvantaged groups as part of business activities related to education, sensibilisation, and  information as well as the development of programs and projects for special business concepts. 
  • Administration of website users and if applicable activation and administration of user registration in a separate area of the website. 
  • Designation of services that are included on the website and/or provision of the requested information, either on the website or by email or telephone. Calls may be recorded to ensure service quality. Emails may generate a message to confirm reception and acknowledgement. 
  • Handling of a current contract or business relationship between the INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION S.L., and the user and/or client.
  • Processing and fulfilment of contractual or extra-contractual obligations that have been undertaken by the INTERNATIONALE MÖBELSPEDEDITION, S.L. 
  • Editing of a special client database of the INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION S.L. group and storage in the advertising system of INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L.
  • Individual product and service or content promotion for users based on the profile information as well as segmentation or CRM that have been collected to enhance and improve the services that are provided to the client at present. 
  • In those cases in which the client has expressly provided his consent, transmission of promotional and sales material (email, SMS, coupons) related to the sector of INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L., to business partners of INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, or thirds (always via INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L. as a result of cooperation agreements) through various channels and that are related to their business activities, products, services, offers, contests, special offers, as well as transmission of various documentation which may be of useful interest for the user and/or client and which are related to the transportation sector, leisure, travels, cards or payment methods, automatization, insurance, finance, gifts or technology. 

At the same time, as regards each collection process for which he provides his personal data, the user is being informed about the essential or facultative nature of fulfilment and/or the consequences of non-compliance. 


The data provided in news and/or promotion-oriented correspondence are being treated by the company INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L. for consistency purposes in such informative correspondence about services, publications, events, compliments as well as social and professional events of the INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L.  or third parties of the INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION company network and the business sector, the consulting and insurance field in as far as they may be of interest for the user and/or client as well as for follow-up and optimization reasons regarding marketing campaigns that are implemented through the means of these technologies.

The consent to receiving such communications may be revoked at any time by the means of a mechanism that has been established for this purpose. 

The criteria for the storage of collected data is based on consent to the contrary given by you. In any case, you may exercise your rights of access, correction, limited collection, opposition, and transmission by email to enclosing a copy of your identity card or equivalent.


If the personal data provided belongs to someone other than the user or the owner of the data and the latter is acting as the representative of this person, this representative guarantees that he/she has informed the owner of the data provided under this privacy policy and that he/she has obtained his/her authorisation to provide his/her data to INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION or the purpose indicated. At the same time, he/she guarantees that the data provided is correct and up-to-date and that he/she is liable for any direct or indirect damage or prejudice that may arise as a result of failure to comply with this obligation.


The personal data provided shall be retained for the duration of the contractual relationship and, in addition, until the interested party shall request its cancellation and for the time in which they are not to be cancelled due to their indispensability to fulfil legal obligations or to address preparations, executions, and defence of claims and if retention is required to allow for compensation, discount or promotional benefits for the client. 

Should the user exercise his right of cancellation or elimination after he has given his consent to the collection, they shall be retained for disposal by legal authorities during the designated legal period to address responsibilities that may arise from its utilisation.


INTERNATIONALE MOBELSPEDETION, S.L. is authorised to use the personal data on the following basis and for the following purpose:

  • The user and/or customer has given his or her express consent to the purposes stated in section 2 of this policy, which require the collection of personal data and/or customer information revealing ethnic or racial origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic data, and biometric data that identify a natural person in a unique way as well as information about health-related data, offences or relevant information about personal circumstances or sexual orientation.
  • The user and/or client has provided his personal data as part of the contractual or pre- contractual relationship for the processing of his request and/or for legal assistance, health or insurance issues.
  • The user and/or client has given his consent to the receipt of sales material related to products and/or services of the company INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L.U that may be of interest to the user and/or client as well as to the installation of tracking systems that provide information on browsing habits within the framework of the Cookie Placement Policy or that are relevant to the sending of the information requested through contact forms.

There are legal obligations concerning the collection of personal data that are to be fulfilled in compliance with the services provided. 

The legal basis for the collection of personal data of the user and client by the company  INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L. rests on sections a), b) and c) of Article 6, clause 1 of the EU Regulation 2016/679, of the 27th of April.


The personal data of the users and/or clients of the company INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L. may be forwarded to the following interested parties:

  • Agencies that maintain cooperation agreements with companies of the INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L. group to ensure execution and correct fulfilment of the contract.
  • Insurance companies with which the companies of the INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L. group have cooperation agreements to ensure execution and correct fulfilment of the contract. 
  • Companies of the INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L., group.
  • Suppliers of information technology services, including „cloud“ computer solutions.
  • Administrations and public authorities as regards the obligation fulfilment that may be requested of the company INTERNATIONALE MÖBELSPEDITION and/or the fulfilment of corresponding legal obligations.


At present, the company INTERNATIONALE MÖBELSPEDITION, S.L. does not transfer data on an international basis.


The user and/or client may exercise his rights of access, correction or deletion, limited collection, opposition, an option with the company INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L. and, in addition, may oppose individually automated decisions. At the same time, he may revoke his consent if it has been given for a certain purpose and may change his preferences at any time.

The user and/or client may exercise the rights set out in the previous section and, in each case, revoke the consent given by sending an email stating the right he wishes to exercise, by addressing it to INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L., email address or by a signed letter to INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L., Cm. San Clemente 18, 38390 Santa Ursula, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. He must include a copy of the identity card, the Spanish Tax ID N.I.E. or passport, and, if possible, documents to find his request.

The user and/or client may address any complaint related to the protection of personal data to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, the Government Authority in Spain.


The present policy has been updated following the legal requirements of the European Community regarding the Protection of Personal Data, as well as the General Regulations of the Protection of Personal Data (RGPD). 

At the same time, it is being advised that the present policy may be changed due to changes in the applicable legal requirements, jurisdiction, and regulatory changes, as well as changes in the business activities and strategies of the company INTERNATIONALE MOEBELSPEDITION, S.L., and its business partners. The publication and the access of the user refer to the same site as it can be assumed that the relationship concerning site access existed before the changes have come into effect and were subject to the regulations that applied to the company at that time.