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F.A.Q – General questions

Is an offer free of charge? Can I request a free quote?

Our offer is free of charge and non-binding. Our quotes are free of charge, non-binding and tailored to your needs.

Do you also provide packaging materials?

You can purchase packaging material for your move from us: from moving boxes (used or new) to mattress covers.

What is a cargo-list or what should it look like?

The cargo-list is available to download and print under “Forms“.  For removals and transport from the UK to the Canary Islands we have one cargo-list that must be filled out with the senders’ and recipients’ address details as well as box numbers and their content. Using item groups as the box description is sufficient, for example cutlery, clothes, decorations.

For removals and transport back to the UK we require two filled out cargo-lists. One is our standard cargo-list as described above. The second, is necessary for the application of the ToR (application for transfer of residence relief). This list requires details on the items and their numbers that you are transporting. Again, naming item groups is sufficient, and numbers may be estimated. For instance; cutlery/40, books/25, decorations/36.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

How long does the shipment take?

From Germany: Via Hamburg the containers are shipped to Santa Cruz / Tenerife. On average, the shipment takes 9-10 days to come then the customs clearance which in turn can take 3 to 5 days. Only then are the containers transported to our warehouse in Santa Ursula. From Tenerife: The shipment from Tenerife to Hamburg takes about 14 days. Then the customs clearance and the transport to your place of residence takes place.

How is the price calculated?

When preparing the quote, the volume in cubic metres, the distance from the place of loading and unloading and the services you require are relevant.

When do I have to pay?

After picking up the goods, an invoice will be issued and it must be paid before the delivery week.

How much tip should I give the relocating men?

At your own discretion. The boys are happy with any amount.